The Benefits of Choosing a NZ-based Production and Design Company for your Medical Equipment

Treating the sick or injured requires the use of quality medical, surgical and diagnostic equipment. However, procuring the best-in-the-market medical equipment often comes with its own set of challenges.

First off, there are many concerns over build-quality. For one, you need medical equipment that’s sturdy and durable and made from the finest grade of steel and versatile materials. Second, you need to work with a medical equipment supply company that has a deep commitment to precision and innovation, that they can custom-build medical equipment to perfection, focusing on the smallest details.

So are you having a difficult time purchasing medical equipment? This is not surprising, given the many challenges with supply chain and logistics today. Luckily, you have local options, yes, right here in New Zealand, there’s a reliable medical equipment supply company that can meet your demands in terms of supply and quality.

MedQuip is always ready to meet your clinical equipment needs. Not only do we often have stock on hand, but if you need medical equipment that’s customised, as we make the products, we have the means to readily produce equipment that’s specific to your requirements. We are a New Zealand company capable of producing high-quality medical equipment that exceeds international standards.

So what are the big benefits in choosing an NZ-based production and design company such as MedQuip in creating your medical equipment?

When procuring medical equipment, it would be to your benefit to hire a team close to where your business is. Though the option to source your medical equipment supply needs internationally is always open, it comes with a higher cost; in fact the development, shipping, and logistical fees alone can add up. That’s before time zones, language barriers and NZ consumer law support (if necessary) come in.

Compare that to partnering with an NZ-based medical equipment company, you have the bigger advantage in terms of value. Here at MedQuip we save you time as well.

MedQuip offers a comprehensive product offering, for a wide range of products within the medical industry that are perfectly designed for both clinical and veterinary needs. With a vast catalogue of options, and the option to customise the medical equipment supplies to your needs, this guarantees great value for money.

If you have concerns about the medical equipment you receive for your veterinary or medical practice with overseas supplies it’s a nightmare. With MedQuip New Zealands medical production and design company it's easy to reach out, and they will immediately tend to your concerns about the product, whether it's a technical concern or a supply issue, you can call or email them anytime, and the team will solve the concern.

Bringing in new medical equipment should be a simple process. If you've gone through ordering a shipment before the crisis of a disrupted supply chain, you know that waiting for delays to subside means you're losing precious months in your clinic operations ‘making do’. You can't simply proceed in your medical practice without the right equipment. Delays may happen, but when you work with a company that has a good track record and is based here in New Zealand, you know you're in good hands. The fact that they are located near you means they can mitigate an onslaught of issues and come up with a strategy to push the development and delivery of your medical equipment forward.

MedQuip as a leading NZ medical equipment supply firm has a well-coordinated and fast approach to seek solutions on production, procurement, and logistics. This means that they will do everything to deliver medical equipment and products that are top-notch when it comes to design and manufacturing quality. So much so they are backed by an industry leading five year guarantee.

Working with a local NZ medical equipment design and development company means there are reduced emissions and better energy saving measures in mind. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce a business's carbon footprint. Having that clear eco-awareness and green initiative will ring in positive vibes with clients and patients, even before your medical equipment is delivered.

Need robust, sterile, and great quality medical equipment here in New Zealand? We can get things done for you with less worries. Here at MedQuip, we are a one-stop service for all your medical  equipment supply needs. Plus when you order from us, our products come with a five-year guarantee, now that’s good value for money.

Interested to know more? Call us at 0800 MEDQUIP (633784) or email us at today!

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